Implementation of Bimasakti As a Service in PT. Pollux Property Indonesia, Tbk

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At the Grand Launching of “Bimasakti As a Service” event on December 5th 2019 in Jakarta, Mr. Handy Chandra Tantono, the Head of IT for PT. Pollux Property Indonesia, Tbk. shared...

The value of a commercial property is tightly connected to how efficient it is managed and the quality of service received by the tenants. Efficiency and quality of service forms a cycle that either lead to constant increase or decrease in the overall commercial value. Efficient management translates to proper building maintenance, quick respond to incidents, and cost effectiveness. Meanwhile, excellent service translates to renewals, increase in sale/resale value, as well as brand value for the developer and management group. However, in order to achieve such condition there are many parts that need to work in synergy, which is why a fully comprehensive building management technology is required to ensure all operations always lead to customer satisfaction.

At the Grand Launching of “Bimasakti As a Service” event on December 5th 2019 in Jakarta, Mr. Handy Chandra Tantono, the Head of IT for PT. Pollux Property Indonesia, Tbk. shared 3 key benefits that they experienced as a result of implementing Bimasakti As a Service.

  1. Significant increase in employee productivity PT. Pollux Property Indonesia, Tbk. has concurrent projects underway in several cities. Each site is at a different stages of development, some still in construction, some have opened, and some are in the final stages of opening. The challenge for PT Pollux, especially as a publicly traded company, is to find a solution that would improve their operations at all stages and can be rapidly implemented so that they can meet all their KPIs.

    The implementation of Bimasakti As a Service creates an environment where all stages of operations can be done by one system. For example, the sales team can generate contracts, obtain internal approvals, and have it emailed to their prospects as soon as all requirements are met. Once accepted, the handover team will receive all relevant information to smoothly deliver the property to the tenant. Seamlessly then, the financial team can automatically generate invoices which are delivered through mobile applications used by the tenants. Once settled, payment transactions will automatically post to the Back Office.

  2. Immediate access to information With a number of assets spread across Indonesia, Pollux Property requires the ability to access data at the property level as well as at the group (consolidated) level. This requirement is easily fulfilled through the use of Azure cloud infrastructure. Bimasakti Property Management System use Power BI to produce dashboards that leverages information to improve decision making and strategic planning in real time.

  3. Ease of communication and interaction between tenants, management, and corporate office Ensuring customer satisfaction is critical for every business, and in the property business the key to delivering excellent customer satisfaction is communication. Communication is the foundation for a strong relation between management and its tenant which ultimately translates to business sustainability. As such, Pollux Property puts emphasis on utilizing the full potential of Bimasakti Tenant App.

Bimasakti Tenant App is hosted in the Azure cloud to ensure that data security and privacy will be seriously maintained both at application as well as infrastructure level. This is important because the app contains both financial and personal information related to invoice, bill payment, requests and complaints. Bimasakti Tenant App links the tenant to the site management team and to the corporate head office so Pollux Property has the ability to push information to its properties and to monitor resolution of requests and incidents are being properly done by the local team. And if necessary, escalation of requests/incidents can go all the way to corporate level.

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