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Types of Apartments preferred by the people of Jakarta

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Apartments are the residence that preferred by the people of Jakarta in these last few years, as it is cheaper than landed houses and is relatively safe from criminal acts. Each...

Apartments are the residence that preferred by the people of Jakarta in these last few years, as it is cheaper than landed houses and is relatively safe from criminal acts. Each apartment is built with its own uniqueness and different uses & needs. According to the people of Jakarta, these are the types of apartments that are most sought out for in the capital city.

1. Located in a strategic location

Apartments that are located in strategic locations mean that there is easy access to places such as shopping centers and public transportation. The strategic location enables tenants to fulfill their needs at ease. That is why apartments in strategic locations are sought after by the people of Jakarta.

2. Comfortable to stay in

Since apartments are smaller than landed houses, it should be comfortable to stay in. From the studio size, amenities, facilities, to services, all must put tenants’ convenience at utmost priority. Because with comfort, apartment tenants will have a pleasant stay at the apartment. Apartments that are comfortable to stay in is what the people of Jakarta preferred.

3. Has facilities that enhance the quality of life

Facilities such as swimming pools and gyms improve the quality of life in terms of health. Function halls and meeting rooms could be used for gatherings or parties. The reason why facilities such as gyms and pools are preferred because the facilities are exclusive to the apartment owners.

With the typical apartment buyers in Jakarta wanting fast, easy, and instant services, therefore the developer also has to create an apartment environment that is fast in information access, easy to do activities regarding the facility, request, file a complaint, pay bills, etc. This is so the consumers feel comfortable.

What is the way for fast easy and instant services to be fulfilled?

If discussing process effectivity in apartment operations, it can not be separated from the enhancing system. Hence a powerful system that could answer the challenges is needed. One of the property management system in Indonesia that has experience in managing apartments in Jakarta and other big cities is BIMASAKTI.

BIMASAKTI As A Service will help the building management to deliver services better to tenants. BIMASAKTI As A Service is a software that is developed by PT Realta Chakradarma. The software assists building managers in delivering services to tenants and making sure that the service is delivered and actions are executed. BIMASAKTI As A Service enables tenants to rent public facilities with ease. The building management no longer has to keep track of facility borrowing in a complicated manner. Both tenants and building managers will get synchronized information regarding who, when, and the duration the facility is borrowed.

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