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Grand Launching BIMASAKTI As A Service

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On the 5th of December 2019, media journalists & experts of building management gathered at Ayana Midplaza to witness the grand launching of BIMASAKTI as a Service. BIMASAKTI is software that PT Realta develops to answer the problems of building management. The problems that exist in the realm of building management are regarding billing, maintenance, information synchronization, and renting public facilities.

The event is opened by an opening speech from Mr. Budiharto Setiadi as the Commercial Director of PT Realta. He expressed the importance of innovation & convenience. As the era evolves, businesses must have the customer’s best interest in mind, making sure that the service is easy, fast, instant and accountable. Hence why Realta released BIMASAKTI, ready to use software and cloud-based. Because it is cloud-based, the developers do not need to invest in an on-premise server in order to use BIMASAKTI.

Following the opening speech is the presentation about BIMASAKTI as a Service by Mr. Rizaldi Sistiabudi as the Marketing Director of PT Realta. BIMASAKTI as a Service is a software that guides both building managers and tenants through every step of the process, monitors the progress and ensures that each step is executed properly. This is a revolutionary digital transformation for services in the high-rise property industry, long gone are the days where invoice billing is sent to the mailbox and is at risk of being ignored. Mr. Rizaldi also added that through BIMASAKTI, building managers will increase efficiency as each process of bill registering, counting, distributing, payment and recognition of payment are all executed automatically through digital means and recorded to be made into a financial report at the end of the period. This is in line with the billing transparency required in the newly released government regulation, Pergub DKI no. 132 / 2018. BIMASAKTI As A Service will help building managers to align to Pergub DKI no. 132 / 2018.

The presentation about Microsoft Azure is next. The material is presented by Mrs. Linda Dwiyanti as the Chief of Marketing and Operations Microsoft Indonesia. Microsoft Azure enables buildings to be connected to cloud services. Microsoft has become a software that is trusted for 25 years and has over 1700 partners, hence why PT Realta Chakradarma chose to partner with Microsoft Indonesia. The benefit of this partnership is that the cloud system from Microsoft Azure ensures that there will be no data loss and zero reconciliation time.

Next, the grand launching of BIMASAKTI As A Service is commenced. Mr. Rizaldi Sistiabudi, Mrs. Lisa as Sakti’s General Manager, Mr. Budiharto Setiadi, Mrs. Linda Dwiyanti, and Mr. Handy Chandra Tantono, S.Kom, M.TI as the Head of IT from PT Pollux Property Indonesia launched the software after the countdown. BIMASAKTI As A Service is finally launched to the public.

Afterward, the media press conference began. Mr. Handy Chandra Tantono, S.Kom, M.TI as the Head of IT from PT. Pollux Properti Indonesia, Tbk shared the company’s experience after having BIMASAKTI implemented in one of their apartments. Media crews and other property owners asked questions regarding BIMASAKTI, the features, the benefits, and the impact it brings to the company. All participants welcome the launch of BIMASAKTI enthusiastically and hope that it will revolutionize the building management system in Indonesia. The event is concluded with door prize announcement, photo-taking, lunch and networking.

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