Rhapsody Logistic System

Rhapsody Logistic System

With Rhapsody purchasing may be categorized according to buying frequency. The Daily Market List is setup to handle perishable supplies that must be replenished daily. Immediately upon input, request from kitchen staff for daily supplies of vegetables, meat and poultry are sent to Purchasing department to be processed. Meanwhile, Regular Order handles periodical purchases such as toiletries, stationeries, and others. Finally, records of purchases are stored in Purchase History, thereby enabling analysis such as purchase frequency and supplier price comparisons.

Rhapsody provides the Receiving departments with tools to optimally handle the receipt, re-distribution and reports of purchased items. Expected Delivery Report provides information prior to arrival of goods, allowing proper allocation of storage space and planning of redistribution. This tool also proactively notifies the staff in case of a delayed delivery. Upon arrival, Receiving Record Form are automatically generated and incorporated into the Daily Receiving Report Summary. Integration of this module with Accounts Payable allows simultaneous database updates.

Rhapsody provides Department Usage Report and Daily Flash Report to department heads and Cost Control to assists forecast as well as management of supply usage. Using this module, departmental overspending can be avoided.

Hospitality Management System

Rhapsody best hospitality solution is specifically designed for hotels, resorts, service apartments, boutique hotels, clubs and hotels with golf course.


A Complete System to Orchestrate Your Entire Hotel Operation

Seamless integration of the Front Office, Back Office and Logistic functions are advantageous features of Rhapsody. Re-entering Front Office data to the Back Office is a burden some process of the past! Reduced manual activities equate into fewer mistakes and minimized administrative burden. Prompt reporting of revenue and costs provides managerial tools to analyze operational performance.


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