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Reforms to Curacao gambling law

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The Curaçao gambling law is a hot topic. The island has been in the process of reforming this law for some time. There are developments and the new Betting and Gaming Act seems to be entering into force at the end of this year. This comes not a moment too soon. This week the master licensee Gaming Services Provider was called to court. This is not the first incident surrounding one of the licensees.

In order to implement the reforms, the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten have started to draw up a country package. The overarching theme is "strengthening the rule of law. From this main theme, several sub-themes are made, into which the plans are divided. Enjoy https://teenpatti.in.net/hi/ with Curacao Gaming.

New Curacao Gaming Law

Curaçao has made reforming and modernizing online gaming a priority. The first step is to establish an independent regulator of online gambling.

Curaçao wants more oversight over the online providers, and will have to strictly control the tax due. Licensees must comply with all regulations. This must be done in all countries where the online providers operate. In the past it appeared that casinos operating with a Curaçao license sometimes broke the rules.

The first draft of the new law must be completed by August 1, 2022.

Establishment of the Curaçao Gaming Authority

Curaçao wants to gain insight into the activity surrounding online gambling on the island. This can be done with the help of a 'Curaçao Gaming Authority'. Among other things, they want to know which gambling companies are active among the Curaçao master licensees.

If all research is completed, the draft law is approved and there is a green light, the new gambling law can enter into force. This is expected to be at the end of 2022. The Minister of Finance of Curaçao expects to have completed the LOK, Landsverordening op Kansspelen, by then.

Curaçao master licensee must go to court

The new gambling law comes not a moment too soon. This week master licensee Gaming Services Provider was called to court. GSP must pay a player €18,307, because the online casino did not want to do so. The casino had a sublicense, so the master licensee, GSP, was held responsible.

Gaming Services Provider had to pay out a possible nine players a sum of money. However, the judge decided that there was only enough evidence for one player. The players were not paid winnings by online casinos and therefore contacted the Foundation for the Advancement of the Interests of Duped Online Gamblers. The organization started a case around the nine players.

The players played at 90Dadika, Halkbet, Kavabet and Suprabets. According to the casinos, the players were not paid the winnings because they did not comply with the terms and conditions.

The players allegedly violated them, and therefore did not get their money paid out. The players had multiple accounts, engaged in arbitrage betting or played from excluded countries.

The judge decided that one player should be paid €18,307. Online casino 90Dadika would have found evidence of arbitrage betting, but the judge didn't think this was enough. The other players were out of luck. They did not provide sufficient evidence to SGBOK, so the judge rejected the claim.

Another fine for a master licensee

A month earlier, SBGOK started another lawsuit against Usoftgaming. This Curaçao gambling company was ordered to pay €125,000 to several players. These players also did not receive their winnings. Cyberluck was the master licensee in that case. Cyberluck was therefore found by the court to be jointly and severally liable.

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Problems surrounding master licensees and sublicenses are not new. Although the Curaçao license is getting better and more reliable, every now and then there is an online casino that doesn't play by the rules.